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System Dance Club New York

Designer Ray Trosa and the Sir Décor Designs team have been commissioned to create SYSTEM, an 8,000 square foot Dance venue in Long Island City. Mr. Trosa has joined forces with longtime friend Craig “Shorty” Bernabeu, a 5 time club award winner for his “SBS” sound systems.

Shorty has been in the audio industry since 1985. His career spans the globe and includes creating some of the finest award winning sound systems ever available to nightclubs including Twilo, NYC, Splash Bar NYC, Club Stereo, Montreal Canada, Lotus Sound Bar, Honolulu Hawaii, Gspot, Shanghai China and Club Stereolab, Singapore to name a few.

The design for SYSTEM incorporates many high tech features; be prepared to be amazed! Let’s start with a one-of-a-kind high MEC LED bar to draw the masses and an elevated stage for performances. The DJ’s cockpit offers the ultimate DJ experience, including an interactive video wall behind the DJ booth on stage that continues along the VIP wall, all cleverly concealed behind 2 way mirrors. Add that to sound proofing, mirrors, customized plush banquettes, 2 levels of VIP seating and a one of a kind floating dance floor! This venue is built for dancing but with the comfort of our guests in mind, so you can safely wear those stilettos and dance
the night away!

For our VIP guests, a private entrance whisks you away to your favorite table in the VIP section ensuring quick customer service and hassle free processing. Dance boxes outfitted with LEDs will lend themselves to sexy performers throughout the evening. SYSTEM is built with an independent lighting booth for a self-contained experience where the lighting tech can work his magic on over 14 moving head lights, an integrated visual system, laser show, and all the bells and whistles you can handle (don’t want to give it all away).

No venue is complete without the proper management, so Mr.Trosa custom-built a management team from the former Mansion New York as well as a top crew of bartenders, waitresses and security staff.

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