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System Soundbar Toronto


The only major club in Toronto built specifically to cater to the underground music scene, SYSTEM SOUNDBAR was created with a cutting edge futuristic-industrial look, while also encompassing the beauty and elegance that is essential in downtown clubs. The entrance can often be overlooked by the average passer-by, but the sharper eye will notice a rolling steel door, approximately sixteen feet across and ten feet high. When that door rolls open, you are transported underground and your experience begins…

Your first visual impression is one of peering into a shattered mirror. The entire main room is covered in metal, from the multicolored patterned metal walls, to the mammoth one-of-a-kind pillars that pulse colored lights to the beat of the music. Even the control booth is wrapped in metal, enclosing our state of the art sound system. The control booth is centrally located at the front of the room, three feet above floor level, where sound, light, and video images are pumped out in a gut-wrenching combination. SYSTEM SOUNDBAR contains three separate but intertwined rooms. Off of our main dance floor is our Lounge, decorated with flowing fabrics and comfortable seating it is the perfect get away from the mayhem of the main room. But this room is not all peace and quiet, hidden out of sight around the corner is the second DJ booth & dance floor, which is decorated with comfortable couches and a ‘spidery’ weave of fabric intertwined across the ceiling.

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