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Table XII New York

About the Restaurant
So how did Table XII – become Table XII?

When John Scotto of Fresco by Scotto and a monthly regular on NBC’s Today Show, opened his first restaurant in the same space; the first review he got from Ruth Reichl, the then food critic for the New York Times, she said that the best table to sit at was Table XII. Now with a three million dollar renovation we thought why not give everybody the best seat in the house, thus Table XII was born.

The Bar which sits right on 56th Street is an inviting and sleek styled space that is reminiscent of the days when this space was the home of William Randolph Hearst. Decorated with black and white yesteryear photos that complement the chocolate walls and black and white checkered marble floor, this bar is the perfect setting to meet up with your friends for an after work cocktail or even to dine here for lunch and work on your computer as all of the rooms are equipped with wireless internet access.

Table XII is comprised of a Main Dining Room that is adorned with original works from contemporary artist Alfred Jensen and famous sculpture, Three Spoons by Eric Levine. The restaurant seats 95 and has a special Table for XII – just ask for Table XII.

The Main Ballroom is a work of art with ceilings and original moldings originally built for William Randolph Hearst’s castle, San Simeon. The columns and high ceilings make an exquisite setting for your special event.

The private party rooms located on the lower level are designed to meet all of your meeting needs for daytime, then turns into an elegant space for any corporate or social party.

What more can you want in the heart of midtown?

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