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Taboo House Club Cancun


Taboo House Club

In 1996 taboo opens its doors to the public, dare the years has survived several hurricanes past administrations to the known high and low flows that characterize our Cancun tourist … today with renewed vigor and a new avant-garde vision starts to change taboo to offer better service to expand its facilities, we are at your service our restaurant bar where you can enjoy our chef’s specialties accompanied by a variety of drinks we offer … if your choice is to spend a romantic evening in our lounge bar to enjoy pair an evening under the sky of Cancun with spectacular views of our city with great music and excellent wine list … but if you want something with lots of atmosphere, rhythm, and fun … after party passes to our club where you can Dance dancing to a new day … come and discover your limits taboo club disco!

We have a wide variety of dishes to delight your palate:
A la carte: pastor tacos, pork pressing steak. Breaded shrimp, Cortes T-bon, Sirloin, New York.
Buffet: roasted suckling pig, beef in juice, orange chicken, fettuccine Alfredo, Pork in green sauce ETC.
Among other delicious dishes

We have the 2 for 1 beers: Corona, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Pacifico … bucketfuls of 10 Coronitas (special price, As for the shaker 2 x 1: Martini (Martini taboo), Piña colada, tequila sunrise, Margaritas , Clericot, vodka tonic, Cosmopolitan … Etc..