TAKE OVER (private club)

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TAKE OVER after hours (private club).... 3000 Race St. Fort Worth Tx 76111 ... ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRIVATE CLUB... THE BIGGEST THE BEST IN THE DFW ...FORT WORTH THIS IS YOUR TIME ..LETS TAKE OVER... DON't BE a PARTY POOPER!! keep the party going ..join us sunday 3am-8am ENERGY DRINKS -WATER - NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES OR FOOD ALLOWED... SECURITY STRICTLY ENFORCED .... DRESS code= Relaxed , ladies..Go-GO attire if possible , NO BAGGY CLOTHING. FOR MORE info please message me or comment... DUBSTEP/TECHNO/HOUSE/ELECTRO/HiPHOP/ SHUFFLE-TWIRK-STOMP-CHILL- TOP OF THE LINE SOUND LASERS/LIGHT show .. Find us on FACEBOOK- Takeover takeover817@AOL.com -THE BIGGEST AFTER HOURS IN FORT WORTH ,,THE BEST IN THE DFW!!3000 Race St. Fort Worth Tx 76111. 3 miles from downtown FORT WORTH DOWN THE STREET FROM chrome---ACROSS FROM FUzzy's TACOS --between riverside and Silvania