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Tank Nightclub


Since its launch in January 2001, the multi-award winning Tank Nightclub has rocketed to prominence, not just amongst Sydney's night time tribes, but globally as well, becoming a peferred destination for clubbers and international DJs alike. Located in the basement of Establishment (redevelopment of the historic George Patterson House in Sydney's CBD) Tank delivers a world-class clubbing experience to its friendly, sophisticated, yet diverse party crowd by combining a stunning visual aesthetic with funked-up house music, spectacular lighting, interactive live-mixed video projections and a sound system second to none. Tank incorporates three bars, a dance floor and a private lounge lined on one side by individual private booths. The underground space combines the original exposed timber columns, beams, huge basalt footings with funky white glossy graphics and modern wall sculptures. The look has been described as "Studio 54 meets Paco Rabanne." The sound system at Tank is second to none and includes the who's who of high end professional audio -- you won't be disappointed. Open: Fridays 10pm - 6am, Saturdays 10pm - 6am

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