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Taps Saloon Garfield


Taps Saloon
“Warm Beer, Lousy Food”
142 Outwater Lane
Garfield, NJ 07026-2623
(Near Meltzer’s Sporting goods Parking Lot)
T(973) 546-7446

Taps Saloon is a long established Garfield pub
filled with warm and friendly people that want to Party with

AL’s Music Box

Karaoke Show

Every Saturday Night starting at 9:00 PM till 1:?? AM

Bring your friends to Taps on Saturday nights to experience The Best Karaoke Show in New Jersey!
We use cordless mics that are instantly sanitized by medical grade UV lamp for your protection!
There is a laptop computer dedicated for the singer’s to search their songs.
Excellent song selection and sound equipment!
Every song you sing remains in your personal song history. The next time you want to sing, it’s right there in your history,giving you more time to Party!

Come on over to Taps Saloon and find a new home!

Karaoke, The Way You Like it! *** Hire a Professional KJ Today!