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Tattoo Bar Washington DC


Tattoo Bar


Tattoo Bar is the newest addition to the Michael Romeo Group venues! It is the smallest of the three venues but great things DO come in small packages! With an edgy, hip, rock ‘n’ roll theme, Tattoo Bar offers the 20-30 something crowd a place to sport their latest fashion trends and avoid the heart thumping “house” music that most other places offer. Tattoo beckons to the rock ‘n’ roll lover to come enjoy an evening of great music, great company and great food. Tattoo Bar is focused on bringing the love of rock ‘n’ roll back to the DC nightlife scene. Rocking a 90 inch plasma screen and seven high definition TV’s showing clips from music videos and movies along with the various images of tattooed people as artwork and a “ghost rider” over the bar, there is plenty to keep one visually entertained.

Tattoo offers two options for group parties, the Ink Room which allows for 20 guests and the Rock Star Table which allows for 12 guests but has the added bonus of a “bird’s eye view” of the entire bar. Tattoo also offers standard table/bottle service as well as a variety of items for your dining pleasure.

This latest addition to the DC scene is Michael Romeo’s fourth DC area bar and was designed by Michael Francis of Queue Design. Tattoo has been Michael’s vision for the last ten years and once finished he said, “I am so happy with the completion of Tattoo, I can only hope that DC loves it as much as I do.”