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Taverna Opa Miami


Taverna Opa is Fun, with a capital ‘F’. Experience a different approach that energizes and brings the diner to a different dimension . Taverna Opa in Dolphin Mall, in Miami, is a Greek restaurant which provides delicious Greek food and unlimited entertainment. Previous dining norms are broken; spirits are lifted, with every single broken plate and every single napkin in the air. The marriage of traditional Greek cuisine with modern norms of entertainment is what Taverna Opa promotes as the most rapidly expanding concept in the U.S.

Taverna Opa is waiting for you, our valuable customers for authentic Greek food and fun with no limits. You will experience in our location excellent Lunch and Dinner atmosphere, along with the entertainment, dancing on the tables with the latest hits, the absolute fun. Do not forget also to taste our delicious Martinis and the authentic Greek Wines.

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