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Taverna Yamas Jacksonville


The restaurant, Taverna Yamas has everything to offer from the upscale staff, decor, light up bar, and top of the line equipment will have you not only enjoying the authentic Greek cuisine, but also living in a moment where you feel inspired to freely soak up the atmosphere around you. Taverna Yamas seats 350 people with accommodations for private parties, conferences and full-blown entertainment. With 40 years of experience cooking authentic Greek cuisine, Taverna Yamas will always have you coming back for more. This dining experience will leave you laughing and dancing for hours while you take in all the Greek traditions Taverna Yamas has to offer.

When you walk through the doors of Taverna Yamas staff will do much more than just walk you to a table, they will walk you to an experience you will never forget. For the first time in Jacksonville, Florida a restaurant not only provides you with food and drinks, but with unlimited entertainment. You might be wondering what this unlimited entertainment is. It includes DJs behind the bar spinning the hottest in European and top 40 music, the staff and guests dancing on the table tops and bars and belly dancers engaging you into every second of the ultimate experience. The positive energy will flow through your body the minute you step into Taverna Yamas, you wont want to leave. Taverna Yamas wont just fill you up with there phenomenal cuisine, it will give you the whole package of dining. Prepare yourself to enjoy the non-stop dancing and laughter that will be beaming through the whole restaurant. We invite you to join us and experience for yourself what you and others around will be talking about for years.