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TD Garden Boston

TD Garden
The TD Garden (formerly the FleetCenter), a 755,000-square-foot sports and entertainment complex replacing the Boston Garden, was constructed above a new five-story, 1,150-space MBTA parking garage accessible from Nashua Street.

Long-term TD Garden leases and contracts have been executed with the Boston Bruins, the Boston Celtics, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, Walt Disney’s World on Ice and the World Wrestling Federation. The TD Garden will continue to host the Beanpot college hockey tournament, the Boston Shootout, Boston Blazers lacrosse, and college and high school winter-sports competitions. In addition, the TD Garden will substantially increase the number of concerts on its schedule, adding from 25 to 30 shows per year.

The TD Garden rises directly behind (north of) the Boston Garden and occupies a 3.2-acre development site. Base dimensions: 468 feet long (east-west) by 300 feet wide (north-south). The arena floor runs east to west. The TD Garden is built on air rights above the new North Station MBTA terminal and reaches a height of 162 feet, approximately the same height as 150 Causeway building (10 stories).

Transition From Old to New: The old Boston Garden remained in use until the TD Garden was completed, and only after the new arena began operation did the demolition of the Boston Garden commence. The TD Garden’s many features include the following:



Site: The TD Garden occupies a 3.2 acre development site. The north face is a mere eight feet from Storrow Drive/Interstate 93.

Dimensions: 468 feet long (east by west) by 300 feet wide (north by south). The arena floor runs east to west.

Building Cost: $160 million (privately financed)

Groundbreaking: April 29, 1993

Opening Night: September 30, 1995

Height: 162 feet high, 10-story building

Structural Info.:

* 8,100 tons of structural steel

* 650,000 s/f exterior masonry

* 147,000 s/f roof area

* 17,000 yards of concrete

* HVAC: 715,000 cfm supply air; 3,400 tons cooling

* 1,210 plumbing fixtures

* 8,910 sprinkler heads

* 15,200 lighting fixtures

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