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By delivering a nightclub by artists for artists, Temple's team knows what its clientele is looking for in a night out. The club prides itself on delivering an environmentally friendly club that is sustainable in the club and in the community.

In terms of music, Temple is all about electronic. They strive to create a useful, adaptable and innovative environment for social responsibility and adaptable thinking, always with the environment's best interest at heart. The statistics are proof: 89% diversion from landfill, 9/10 of the waste from the club is recycled or composted, as cups and straws are corn based and compostable and kitchen grease is recycled into fuel. Considering over 2,500 partiers pass through the nightclub a week, this equates to a lot of recycled material. Along with being kind to the environment, this practice saves money and helps other clubs learn the practice of sustainable waste management.

The values are a strong point behind Temple's mission, and are backed by a passion for electronic music, dance and a overall fun party, whether it be a weekend night out, a special DJ dance night or a private event. The sushi restaurant offers amazing food, while the bartenders and VIP bottle service deliver quality drinks.

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