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Tenjune New York

The Tenjune complex offers three spaces for New York’s party people to enjoy a night out, each offering a different experience.

Upon entering, walk down the central staircase and step into the main seating area, offering plush velvet couches, wood floors below, and a large bar in front of a marble wall. The ceiling is decorated with wood and hints of sparkle that light the dance floor next door.

Party goers can dance in the semi circular dance area, surrounded by elevated seating and a DJ booth to pump out the music all night long. Next door, enjoy a more intimate experience in the secluded room, characterized by dark colors and a rich and luxurious ambiance. The white marble fireplace provides a focal point for the space, setting the mood.

See and be seen at this NYC hot spot, a nightclub not to be missed in the party scene. Check out the event calendar to learn about which hot DJs are playing when, and be sure to hit this club on your next night out in the city.

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Gen Art Film Festival After Party (4/12/2007) @ Tenjune
Tenjune, New York