Tequila Jacks Ottawa

TEQUILA JACKS is where customers can find their “future ex” in the heart of Ottawa’s Byward Market on Clarence Street. The bar finds it’s inspiration in anything that is trending and fun, may it be viral youtube videos, crazy bachelor parties, the time you promised not to talk about in Las Vegas, or that crazy night out you had that your friends won’t let you forget about. From multiple risers for dancing, a pole on a platform for people to hang off of, to a fully operational mechanical horse, Tequila Jacks screams party time.

TEQUILA JACKS is downtown Ottawa’s only party destination where every age group can mesh and party together. Our music ranges from classic rock, top 40, country, and mainstream house that satisfies everyone’s musical needs. The age of the TEQUILA JACKS patrons ranges from 19 year old university and college students to tourists and business people in their thirties looking for a night away from the stresses of daily life.

TEQUILA JACKS is the perfect location for fundraisers, product launches, media gatherings, and birthday parties. We regularly have charity events from organizations such as Relay for Life & Movember Canada. We’ve even given away a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Our bartenders are there to make sure that you have a time you wont forget.

TEQUILA JACKS is Ottawa’s biggest and most popular party destination. Anyone who enjoys a party will find this to be their favourite destination where your future ex awaits you.

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#FutureExFriday | February 5th 2016
Tequila Jacks, Lowertown Market Sandy Hill
#MakeMistakesThursday | February 4th 2016
Tequila Jacks, Lowertown Market Sandy Hill