Tequila Joe`s


Tequila Joe’s is now open! Let your imagination run wild and your inhibitions…well..ya gotta see it to believe it! Alice & her wonderland has nothing on us!


Parkway south-exit 149. Right then right again. Belleville Ave. 2 miles.
Right on Washington Ave. 1/2 mile. Right on Verona Ave.

Parkway North-exit 150. Right then right again. Joralemon Ave. 2miles
Right on Washington Ave. 1 mile. Right on Verona Ave.


3 East & West-21 South Exit 5, Left at Light. First right. Verona Ave.


Turnpike South: Exit I6w, 3 miles Exit 21 South, 4 miles to exit 5j,
1st left then 1st right onto Verona Ave.

Turnpike North: Exit 15w, 280w, 2 miles to 21 North to exit 5 br
RT. off exit, 1/2 blk left on Verona Ave.