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Terminal Pub Vancouver


 The Terminal is everything you want in a modern neighbourhood pub.  We offer a Redefined Neigbourhood Pub Experience.
The Terminal Pub came into the world in 1940, as the Terminal Hotel, to create a place to socialize for workers who spent their nine-to-five earning a living in the many industries in the area.   For over 4 decades, the Terminal was a well-known and highly popular pub where retired industrial workers socialized during afternoons with their younger non-retired co-workers, politicians came to listen to the concerns of working-class residents, and farmers from up and down the Fraser Valley stopped in on their way home from a busy day at the weekly local City Market.

Fast forward to December 2009, The Terminal Pub re-opened its doors after an extensive renovation to revive its legacy as the best neighborhood pub in the area for a modern generation.  Focused on redefining the old definition of neighbourhood pub, the Terminal offers everything you love about a neighbourhood pub:  a friendly atmosphere, great food and drink, music, sports, and awesome weekly events.

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