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Welcome to the Texas Longhorn! Established in 1987, the TEXAS LONGHORN has become a Mississauga landmark serving the community for over 23 years now. Being the first restaurant to bring Fajitas to Canada in the GTA, our Carne Asada steak with its secret blend of spices and marination techniques has become the staple of our success. People come from all over to experience the flavorful Carne!

Having recently taken over the TEXAS LONGHORN as the new owner, my amazement has been how this restaurant has brought so many smiles and memories to the community and its residents. I have spent the past few months observing and speaking to the regular customers that have frequented The TEXAS LONGHORN for the past 23 yrs. The stories are all very similar. They all seem to begin with, I remember when I was younger spending all of our special occasions, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries and just those days when we needed a familiar face to spend time with, at the TEXAS LONGHORN. I find it fascinating how so many families and so many lives have made the TEXAS LONGHORN such a significant part of their lives over the years. For this, I thank all the loyal customers that have kept the LONGHORN alive for so many successful years.

Another clear message that I have heard recently is that the TEXAS LONGHORN has also suffered from poor management and neglect over the past few years. This saddens me as I too have fond memories of the LONGHORN from my youth. Since having taken over, my commitment has been to bring this Landmark back to its glory. We have now brought back the quality of service and product that has made the Longhorn so famous over the years and we strive to provide an excellent dining experience to each and every patron who walks through our door.

As a Canadian owned and run, full service restaurant and bar in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We once again offer you A little piece of Texas in the Heart of Mississauga, cooking all of our meals on a real mesquite, open flame grill. We pride ourselves on using only the choicest meats and produce, prepared in the Texas style to bring you fresh, delicious creations every time you dine with us. Our staff will go out of their way to provide you with the tastes and hospitality of Texas. This is my personal commitment!

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