TGI Fridays

On March 15, 1965 casual dining got a serious kick start. Thats when a fun-loving New Yorker named Alan Stillman purchased a bar located on 1st Avenue and 63rd Street and named it T.G.I. Fridays Thank God Its Fridays. Okay, so his main goal was to meet stewardesses, but what he didnt know at the time was that he was going to create what is now referred to as the casual dining industry.

From that moment on, lunch, dinner and drinks took on a whole new meaning. His restaurant quickly turned into the place to be for a helluva good time on any day, but especially on Fridays.

The first T.G.I. Fridays restaurant was an overnight sensation. What began as the ultimate singles bar became a destination synonymous with FUN for couples, co-workers and buddies. Fridays was different and it became THE place to see and be seen.

Stillmans ideas fashioned the legacy that exists in all Fridays restaurants to this day. The dcor, music, lights and staff continue to provide a lively, eclectic and engaging atmosphere. (Just the thing to scare off wallflowers and still-lifes.) Its the perfect place for celebrating virtually anything among super-social butterflies.

Today, T.G.I. Fridays offers a casual dining experience unlike any other, where you can expect great food, drinks and plenty of fun to go around at over 900 locations in 47 states and more than 60 countries. Just dont expect a dull moment at any of them.

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