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The Atrium is a neighborhood beer joint mostly patroned by regulars. It is also considered a ‘biker bar,’ but the majority of the clientel is basically blue collar workers wanting a beer after a hard day’s work. The staff is great… always catering to all of the customers’ needs, as well as accomodating bands with good drink specials – usually 3 free pitchers and 2 rounds of shots FREE, and if the band wants anything else(i.e. mixed drinks or bottled beer), it is 50 cents off. Sodas are always free. The Atrium does not offer free food, as the restaurant (MEATBALL’S STEAKHOUSE) is a separate business from the bar, but the food is VERY reasonably priced (sandwich meals starting at $3.50 to steak dinners starting at $5.95), and the food is absolutely WONDERFUL!! No one leaves hungry… in fact you’ll probably have left overs!

At our club, bands usually start between 9 – 9:30PM, and quit between 1 – 1:30AM. We only book on weekends (for now), and only one night per band per weekend. If a band wants an opener, it is up to them to find it. We do give guarantees because WE NEVER EVER HAVE A COVER CHARGE! The guarantee for a band that has never played at the Atrium is $150, plus 10% off the top of the register if the band brings in more than $200 of business to the bar AFTER they start playing. We start the register over as soon as the band plays their first note. If a band has played at our venue, and they are invited back, we raise the guarantee to $200, plus 10% after a $250 minimum on the register. The Atrium does do some advertising, but we REALLY rely on the bands to do most of it. It is mostly up to the bands to bring in their audience, and the crowd that they bring in will be a definate deciding factor in the bands re-booking and guarantee boost. Since we don’t charge a cover, we’ve got to bring in money somehow! The only way to do that is thru drink sales. If the crowd is substantial, and they spend lots of money, its possible that the guarantee will exceed the $200 cap for the next booking.

The Atrium’s decor is rustic and homey. We have 2 pool tables and 3 different pinball/arcade games. The jukebox is very diverse – everything from Pink Floyd to the Cramps, and Confederate Railroad to Squirrel Nut Zippers. The room has great sound potential, and amps need not be blaring, as the entire back wall is windows, so the sound does bounce, but not disruptively (as long as the amps are set moderately!). We book bands that play anything to do with a rock sound.

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