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The Bank Lounge Toronto


With 3 unique floors and a beautiful outdoor patio, all which have a different experience for the patron; THE BANK plays off the sophisticated look and feel of banks from the 1950s, and delivers that aristocratic experience from Entry to Exit!

The lounge’s central feature, and hence its name – is that it was once a real bank! With Vaults, Safes, and a service staff that looks like Bank Tellers, the thematic look and feel of a 1950’s bank is incorporated into every piece of decor within the space.

The main and lower floors of THE BANK LOUNGE offer a number of exclusive experiences, such as but not limited to:

Dinner / Theater
Main Stage for Performance Acts
Private Event Space
Corporate Event Space
Dance Floors

The upper level is a luxurious VIP area for elite patrons to sit back on plush sofas and be waited on hand and foot, in true VIP style.

Plasma screens, video walls, unique interior design, state of the art lightning and sound are another aspect of your Night at the Bank.

With a staff mix of young leaders in entertainment, and a management team with over 30 years of experience in restaurant, bar and club administration; THE BANK LOUNGE NIAGARA will cater to patrons on a unique, Next level, and in every aspect of the phrase will “Take Care of You”!

We’ve been working hard for close to a year to bring you something leading-edge, something different, something exciting, and finally the time is almost here!

Our doors have been open for private parties and examination since December 2009, and although we haven’t even started our program, it’s already been a blast! We’ve been host to special guests ranging from performers (Daniel Panetta, Captain Hooks, Saukrates), to best selling authors (Alana Wyatt, Noah St. John) to many agents, directors, CEO’s, and over-all good people!

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MAGNIFICENT 2012 N.Y.E NIAGARA (12/31/2011 9:00:00 PM) @ The Bank Lounge
The Bank Lounge, Niagara