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The Billiard Club Edmonton

Located in the historic Old Strathconas Post Office building, The Billiard Club is a landmark institution of downtown Edmonton. With a rich heritage and over 10 years in business, you know that the Billiard club is your place to book the VIP party you’ve always wanted with the best service, drinks, food, and music in Edmonton! New Years Eve? Birthday party? Corporate or Sport event? The Billiard club has got you covered! Featuring unreal deals including TWO DOLLAR PINTS, NFL Game days, and of course Edmonton Oilers nights booking with the Billiard Club is your best option! But book soon because everybody wants a piece of the action!

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Could you BE any more of a FRIENDS fan? Did you major in lightning rounds? On a scale from 1 to 19, 19 being the biggest FRIENDS fan in the world, are you definitely 19? Are you intrigued? You’re flingin’ flangin’ right you are! Join us for a special "Trivia Monday" on May 8th featuring FRIENDS TRIVIA. All those hours you thought you wasted [more]

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Aug 19th, 2016
The Billiard Club, Edmonton
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The Billiard Club, Edmonton