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The Burrard Hotel Vancouver



First opened in 1956, The Burrard has a long and storied past. A few historians have even gone so far as to call it ‘retro-licious.’ Or at least we think they should.

In 1956, Elvis Presley had his first hit, people went crazy for non-stick frying pans and the fabulous “Burrard Motor Inn” opened its doors to the world. New owners planted the first garden courtyard in the late 1960s, while the Greenhouse Lounge hosted cocktail hour, extramarital affairs and swank wood panels from 1982-2006.


Fast-forward to the present, and The Burrard’s been put through a massive renovation. With new rooms, new courtyard, new attitude – the works. But rest assured, we kept
our cool.

The new hotel mixes retro influences with modern design touches, slick in-room amenities and a refreshing dose of character. Our owners brought a whole new vibe to Vancouver’s hotel scene, and a whole new focus on guests. It’s like Melrose Place, only there’s no pool
to drown in.


In this day and age, is it too much to ask for HDTV flatscreens, free wireless or a complimentary bike to rip around town with? Welcome to the future.

Inside and out, The Burrard’s come a long way since the chain-smocking, cocktail-guzzling days of 1956. Well, maybe not the second thing.

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