The Chapel Bar

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The Chapel was built in the early 1920s inside the Butterworth's Mortuary. It was a place to honor life in the physical world and the passing into the spiritual world. While the mortuary no longer exists, the former chapel continues to bring people together to honor one another in the physical world, yes, but perhaps also to ponder the spiritual world in a convivial atmosphere. Chapel is more than a bar, more than a restaurant. Fine food and exceptional spirits are served in a unique space where people, music, art, architecture and ideas intersect and mix. We offer an exceptional range of martinis, cocktails, spirits, fine wines and much, much more. Infusions offer a range of flavors, including citrus, cantaloupe, rosemary, watermelon and tamarind. Beer on tap includes Stella Artois, Leffe and Hoegaarden. Hours of Operation: Sunday thru Thursday 5pm - 1am Friday and Saturday 5pm - 2am Happy Hour Every day from 5pm to 8pm. Choose from an extensive list of Martinis, only $4 each. Drink Special Sunday through Thursday from 8pm to close. All well drinks, only $5 each.