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The Chelsea Room New York

The Chelsea Room

The Chelsea Entertainment Group has teamed up with New Construction Corporation, builder and designer, along with Architect Michael De Luna, to collectively bring The Chelsea Room back in time to its late 19th century roots, aligning the décor of the venue with the historic elements of the hotel that have been preserved for more than a century. Spanning 2,700 square feet, it only made sense to lay wide plank wood floors made from recycled wood that is over 100 years old. Stripping the ceilings to the original red brickwork, uncovered an extraordinary vaulted ceiling reminiscent of a cathedral. The space was gutted by removing the two walls that confined it, while adding 10 tons of steal behind its new contour for support. Through creating a single open air space, a comfortable atmosphere remains, hence The Chelsea Room.

The Chelsea Room’s restored style is accentuated through up-lighting, a dimmed candlelit setting and crystal chandeliers, creating a romantic and intimate ambiance. VIP guests can be seated in one of 13 oversized, leather, double-tiered, luxury banquettes for bottle service, ensuring comfort and outlining the room. These robust banquettes can seat parties up to 20 guests, leaving plenty of room for patrons to mingle and a versatile space to explore. Centrally located is a stage for live music performances such as: electro violinists, drums, saxophone and vocalists, complementing the music by the nightly DJ talent. Artwork from several local artists inhabit the walls of The Chelsea Room, excuding a similar artistic flair that has made The Chelsea Hotel infamous.

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