The Chinese Theater

The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood is the single most well-known movie theatre in the World. Every year, hundreds of thousands if not millions of visitors make a pilgrimage here drawn by the legendary forecourt peppered with footprints and hand prints of only the most famous of the stars and starlets. On the other hand, the Chinese Theatre is also an incredible spot to catch a movie, surrounded by the rich history of this impressive shrine to the film industry.

The Chinese Theatre, designed by Sidney Patrick Grauman, was inaugurated over 70 years ago, and opened its doors for the debut of the original silent version of "King of Kings," produced by Cecil B. DeMille in 1927. Since that moment, the Chinese Theatre has continued to be the number one spot for gala Hollywood movie premieres. (For example, over 10,000 guests made their way to the theatre in 1939 with the hopes of being part of the world premiere of "The Wizard of Oz.)

After all these years, the same massive premieres continue to choose the Chinese Theatre as the location of similar history-making events. Visitors who want to be present as the stars walk down the red carpet in person at these premieres can find the full schedule in the Calendar of Events page, which lists all of the dates and times of upcoming premieres. All you have left is to show up and wait in the crowd. Definitely wear comfortable shoes.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre was also the host for the prestigious annual Academy Award ceremonies in the 1940's. On top of that prominent spot in film history, the theatre has also appeared in movies itself. Take a look at the first scene in "Singing in the Rain," the classic musical, and at the climax of the modern action-adventure movie "Speed." In much more recent history, it was an important part of the remake of the "Mighty Joe Young," in which a giant gorilla heaves itself up the theatre's side, coming to rest on opulent roof.

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