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The Claremont Resort and Spa San Francisco

The Claremont Resort & Spa

Conceived as an English estate, the grounds of The Claremont Resort & Spa were selected for their astonishing views of San Francisco, California and San Francisco Bay. Two families, countless guests and one world-class resort have called this idyllic location home, the latter for nearly a century.

Since its debut in 1915, The Claremont Resort & Spa has served as a haven of sophistication, elegance and luxury high in the Berkeley Hills. Its award-winning cuisine, live entertainment and stately accommodations have drawn admirers from across the bay and the globe. Today, The Claremont Resort & Spa continues to treat visitors to an atmosphere of refinement found no place else.

For nearly half of The Claremont Resort & Spa’s history, The Club at The Claremont has been a way for couples and families to spend time together among 22 acres of beauty in the Berkeley Hills. Three swimming pools, ten tennis courts (6 lighted for night play), a full-service fitness center and one of the ten best spas in the country are just a few of the benefits of belonging to this prestigious club. An exemplary staff presiding over an active social calendar and an extensive list of kids’ activities is another.

Thought of from its very beginning as an escape from the hustle and bustle of surrounding cities, The Claremont Resort & Spa has always put recreation high on its list of priorities. As such, its collection of sports, activities and events has grown alongside those cities throughout the years. Where an elementary school once served the needs of guests living at The Claremont, an extensive children’s program now caters to our youngest guests. Where a few grass courts once offered space for a game or two, ten hard courts (6 lighted) now provide professional surfaces for matches day and night. And where other properties might stand pat, content in what they offered, The Claremont Resort & Spa has continued to bolster its amenities.

A 20,000 sq. ft. fitness center, Pilates studio, lap pool and Spa Claremont are among the latest additions to the ever-changing options that present themselves to resort guests and club members. And in the near future, The Claremont Institute will introduce a new group of events and activities designed with the sophisticated traveler in mind.


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