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The Comedy Market New York


New York City screams world-class entertainment, and there will certainly be no shortage of it when you spend your Prom night in the city that never sleeps. Why end your Prom night early, when you can cap off your High School experience with laughter in NYC?

The Comedy Market, one of New Yorks finest spots for entertainment, has now opened its doors to accommodate you and your friends for your Prom night. The talent that the Comedy Market attracts is first-rate, with acts straight from Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, CBSs The Late Show, and many more gracing the stage nightly. Grab your tickets immediately to this frequently sold-out venue, so you can spend the remainder of your Prom night laughing along to the best comedic talent the city has to offer.

The Comedy Market presents the perfect opportunity for you and your date to sit back and relax in the spacious yet intimate lounge, which has a distinct luxurious feel to it. This is truly an exclusive and exciting experience that will make your Prom night truly unforgettable!

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