United States: 323-604-6030

The Crowbar Denver


Crowd Age Groups: 21-40
Crowd Type: Very Casual

Music Format: DJ Live band
Music Type: Alternative Karaoke Heavy Metal

Dance Floor: Yes
Number of Dance Floors: 1
Dance Floor Size: Small

Patio: None

Patio Details: Open April – September; large outdoor deck with grassy area
Pool Tables: None
Games: Foosball
Other Games: XBox/PlayStation/PS2/Dreamcast with hundreds of titles/Game Cube

Expect a Line? No

Busiest Night: Friday
Busiest Weeknight: Thursday

Best Nights to Go: Friday Saturday Sunday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday

Manager Says: “The Crowbar – An American Bar! The vision with this bar was to create a place for new acts to showcase their talent and is in every way directed toward just that. For a musician by a musician. We don’t steal ideas and we don’t rip off our bands. We are not some old rich assholes that sit and wait for their competitors to change there prices in order to make ours 50 cents cheaper. We’re not here trying to get rich. We’ve already been blessed with the ability to work with our hobby. Though we love and watch football and hockey every chance we get, we know we are not a sports bar. We don’t live in a park and don’t call ourselves a saloon. This is not a house though it often seems like we live here. We laugh at the yuppies that order their foo foo drinks as they bang their heads to something they can’t understand. We’re really just a bunch of hell raisen’ redneck whiskey and beer drinkers that just want to raise hell in a place where you won’t be thrown out for raisin’ hell(as long as no one gets hurt). For lack of a better word, we’re more of a cult. A band of gypsies. We’re family before we meet and when we do we already know who we are. We chug beer, shoot whiskey and death chargers ’til the law says no more. We shotgun Fosters on stage ’cause damn it, it makes people puke. We are not the pretty fortunate sons of the wealthy. We’re slaves day by day, but not here. In the Crowbar we are all kings and all equals. We know who we are because WE ARE MOTHER FUCKING AMERICANS!”

Happy Hour, Nightly Themes and Specials:
M-Th (4-6 p.m.)$1 drafts and wells, $5 domestic pitchers
Sunday: $1 drafts and $5 pitchers
Monday: $.50 cent Tequila shots and $1 drafts
Tuesday: $1 drafts and wells
Wednesday: $2 domestic bottles
Thursday: $.25 drafts and $1 pitchers
Friday: “Skirts Drink Free” from 9-11 p.m.
Saturday: $2 off beer buckets

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