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The Dogwood Austin

The Dogwood is a “homegrown” concept with a small touch of southern hospitality. Being from the south, as well as the Dogwood being our grandmother’s favorite tree, we figured the iconic tree would be a perfect logo to showcase our “outdoor entertaining” concept throughout the bar. Natural stones and woods run throughout the spacious interior and brings you through floor to ceiling walk-throughs into gorgeous open air patios. The overall concept brings you to that back-home feeling among family and friends. We like gathering with friends and family alike, so we built the dogwood to have private spacious areas for events. Dogwood offers spaces closed by a glass partition with their own audio/video source, bathrooms, and complete privacy when needed.

There are several other unique features of The Dogwood that separate us from the average bar. On our patio we have a large stage perfect for live music or video presentations. The conditioned interior space is very open and has a long, 80 foot bar for our guest. Our state of the art audio and visual equipment are pre-wired for any event. The abundance of HD screens and our top notch sound system make The Dogwood a perfect place for game day as well as any and all sporting events.