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The Dragonfly Los Angeles

Looking for a chill venue where you can also see some of the country’s hottest live music? Well, The Dragonfly in Los Angeles has got you covered. This 21+ nightclub has featured some of the most diverse events in Hollywood, from dancing, to live music, and then some. The Dragonfly is also one of the longest running nightclubs in L.A.

In the past, The Dragonfly has welcomed such diverse musical acts as Rage Against the Machine, Porno for Pyros, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Run DMC, George Clinton, Sublime, and more. Stop by for DJ night, featuring the best in electronic, dance, hip hop and drum and bass.



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The Black & Pink Party @ Satin (8/5/2006) @ DRAGONFLY
The Dragonfly, Los Angeles