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Drake Hotel Toronto

The Drake is an exciting Toronto party adventure for worldly adults seeking magic, drama and a unique intellectual and emotional experience while letting go and enjoying a great night out to party and relax. This is where Art and Philosophy co-mingle as a life-style choice transcending gender, age and sex. Featuring an incredible food and drink menu, incredible guest DJs, band, and entertainment, and a real VIP experience from our experiened staff, The Drake Hotel is a Toronto institution that will have you coming back for more.

This historic Toronto building uses media, guests and employees as instruments of creation and the Hotel itself has a continually unfolding illustration. The philosophy of The Drake Hotel is to go beyond creating a place to eat and sleep. The Drake is an experience and destination in itself. Torontonians and vistors regard The Drake as a third home, a communal respite offering comfort, ease and familiarity. It is also a place of beautiful contradictions, where high life meets low life and the healthful coexist with the decadent.

The Drake renews the energy of the city by challenging conventions and embracing chaos. The collision of new and old will be met fearlessly at The Drake, creating an other worldly glance at the future.

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CALLING ALL ARTISTS - an open forum to share your work, gain feedback + spur constructive discussions with peers. Each month we invite a new art-world host(s) to guide the conversation, so you can get real-time feedback from those living + working in the field of fine art. This month we welcome Luke Painter; an artist and Professor at OCAD [more]

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Drake Hotel Saturdays (5/12/2007) @ Drake Hotel
Drake Hotel, Queen West Soho
Ghislain Poirier (3/8/2007) @ Drake Hotel
Drake Hotel, Queen West Soho