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The Factory is one of the hottest nightclub and venue spots in San Francisco, hosting a crowd of gorgeous partiers and eclectic music groups playing live. The club attracts an ultra sophisticated, gorgeous, open set, who are all ready to get a little rowdy in their search for an amazing night out. Need some proof? This place goes late night - or really early morning since the sun just might be up!

The Factory is a huge club done up in an industrial style to match its name and seems to go on and on. The spot boasts an airy first room with space to lounge around the central bar that serves as the focal point, multiple dance floors, including the main room just past the entrance and a smaller room that still pumps the music as loud as any of them, a back lounge and bar area for a more relaxed feel and an upstairs level that offers a little relief from the heat a great view of the writhing masses below through huge windows. The state-of-the-art light system keeps your eyes focused upwards with amazing lasers and glow-stick reminiscent lighting. Despite its crazy party feel the venue also keeps a few spaces a bit more isolated, creating spaces where you can relax and escape the chaos, if even for a minute.

The venue always hosts the city’s best DJs who mix the hottest music in a variety of genres (although trance seems to be the favorite here) that makes it impossible for the crowd on the floor to stop for even a second. Different themed nights, like Orgy and Sanctuary, keep things interesting. Don’t forget to dress your best, because this club is known for running a tight ship. Also think about snagging a spot on the guestlist to ensure you’ll get in! Things really fill up. Trade the madness of the city for The Factory’s brand of crazy and make it an amazing weekend.

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