The Forum

The Forum is a classic example of the citys history and its desire to grow and prosper. The arena is a destination, primed to deliver an experience like no other. The arena generates a new focus and emphasis on the importance of sports and entertainment in Los Angeles continued economic development. And with SMG, the worldwide leader in venue management, at the helm, The Forum is the premier multi-cultural entertainment venue in Southern California. The Forum can seat up to 18,000 and will accommodate half-house, theater-style, end stage as well as many other seating configurations. The on-site parking lot has 3,500 parking spaces including disabled spaces. In 2003 The Forum welcomed over 600,000 guests and attendance growth projections are expected to increase to almost 1 million in 2004. The Forum is located in Inglewood, CA and is within driving distance of three of Los Angeles most heavily traversed highways. The Forum is only a few minutes away from the Los Angeles Airport. And there are more than 10,000 hotel rooms in the area surrounding The Forum. The Forum is a focal point of an area full of shops, restaurants, offices and more. The Forums continued success will help to rejuvenate the Inglewood area.

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