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The Greatest Bar Boston

The Greatest Bar is a celebration of the greatest people, places, moments and events that make the City of Boston legendary! Named “The 8th Wonder of the World” by Slammed Magazine, The Greatest Bar features numerous separate and unique event spaces for dining, VIP lounging, and special event-celebrating spread over four distinctively themed floors, catering to your every desire of what the perfect Boston party really means.

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to eat and drink before and after TD Garden events, enjoying bottle service and partying the night away in our state-of-the-art nightclub with the hottest DJs around celebrating your next special event, corporate function, birthday bash or holiday party or taking in your favorite sports teams on the largest high-def TV in the City. The Greatest Bar is the venue for you!

Here’s what awaits in each of the themed rooms at The Greatest Bar:

The Greatest Room is located at the first floor, and it’s both a sports bar and a nightclub, filled with screens and a perfect place to enjoy TD Garden events; plus, on weekends, this floor becomes the wildest party in town. Sports fans will rejoice at our Sistine Chapel of Sports: a ceiling mural featuring the most legendary sports figures and moments in Boston history.

The Championship Room, located in the second floor mezzanine, is the perfect spot to see just what’s going on downstairs, while you’re enjoying the VIP lounge ambiance. Artistically, the murals you’ll find in this floor feature all the championships the Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots have won since The Greatest Bar opened its doors to the public in 2004.

The Dirty Water Room is a floor dedicated to those pop culture icons born and raised in Boston, including people like Hollywood stars and musicians, plus iconic movies, concerts, comedy acts and even TV shows inspired by Beantown.

The Boston Room, located at the venue’s 4th floor, is the crown jewel of The Boston Bar, featuring murals about the city’s neighborhoods, history and politics, plus portraits of the Kennedy brothers and John Quincy Adams, plus a rich ambiance.

Take your pick and have the ultimate Boston experience!

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