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The Hornblower Infinity – Pier 40 New York

If there’s one hotbed for parties and entertainment around the country, it’s New York City. The nightclubs, the bars, and the upper-echelon nightlife venues at chic hotels found in Manhattan make the city everyone’s target for this one night. With 210-feet of sheer floating entertainment, the Hornblower Infinity Yacht was built to party.

Completely ‘decked-out’ in LED lighting with state-of-the-art sound, and multiple climate-controlled decks and dance floors, the Infinity yacht is one of the ‘must do’s’ of New York City. Whether it’s a special one-off party, or a highly anticipated holiday celebration, Infinity Yacht can host and accommodate any variety of parties or celebrations you can think of. Feel the anticipation build as your party on the Infinity draws near and culminates into a night of sheer party entertainment with your favourite live music and DJs, exquisite foods, and VIP service unmatched anywhere else on the harbor.

There’s no denying that this will be a premiere attraction on the biggest day of the year in New York City – New Year’s Eve!

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The Hornblower Infinity – Pier 40, Lower Manhattan
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The Hornblower Infinity – Pier 40, Lower Manhattan