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The Hungry Cat Los Angeles

The Hungry Cat

The Hungry Cat offers a small seafood and rawbar menu with East Coast unfluences served in a casual and intimate urban atmosphere. The simple yet dramatic contemporary space has 35 seats in the dining rooma s well as 15 seats at the curve-linear zinc bar in front of an open kitchen and another 25 seats on the outdoor patio, and is perfect for a full dinner or a light snack late at night or after the movies.

The beverage list at The Hungry Cat offers an eclectic selection of lesser known apirits from aroudn the world such as Blue Ice Vodka from Idaho, and Damrak Gin from Holland. The bar offers hand made cocktails with juiced-to-order fruits and traditional maryland favorites like Dark and Stormy, as well as their own Pimlico, a mixture of Bourbon, mint and fresh juices.

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