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The Ivy Los Angeles


The Ivy

Built with a creative combination of American gothic and Martha Stewart, the Ivy invites guests to lunch and dine in the shabby chic of a deteriorating garden home. Out on the Ivy’s patio, white tables topped with potted plants and candles sit near pillow-lined benches, bordered by a peeling white picket fence. Inside, the vine-encompassed cottage houses more tables, surrounded by smatterings of Americana debris: Flags, paintings and antiques.

Fresh grilled fish and soft-shell crab are just some of the Ivy’s gourmet specialties being enjoyed by the Hollywood powerbrokers and genteel Robertson Boulevard window-shoppers. While power moves are plotted, Beverly Hills gossip is spread over potent cocktails from the service bar and steaming plates of lobster pasta or BBQ vegetable salads loaded with asparagus, zucchini, scallions and chicken or shrimp. Expensive and quiet, Ivy’s slow-growth garden offers a pricey, rustic respite from the city’s fast pace.

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