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The Laughing Devil New York

The Laughing Devil is more than just a comedy club, it is the best night out in New York. Whether you are watching a performance by some of the world’s top comedians, enjoying one of our local draft beers, or attending a party in our unique event space, you’ll be having fun.

Consistently Funny

The foundation of The Laughing Devil lies in presenting a superior comedy show from start to finish each night using only the best talent from around the world. The Laughing Devil believes that comedy is art, and art is clever – we uniformly reject tired comics looking for an outlet to test the limits of vulgarity. Our search for originality and professionalism is unrelenting, and we pride ourselves on both identifying the best of the day and cultivating future stars.

But great talent alone isn’t the key to a great show. We take great pains to mix and match the different material, styles, and pacing of our professional comedians in order to ensure the best combinations possible. The result is consistency: The Laughing Devil constructs a great show every night.

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