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The Living Room South Beach Miami

Living Room South Beach

An air of arrogance and a slightly sinister blood-red interior have placed this hipper-than-thou lounge high up on the itinerary of the bar-hopping, scene-sucking “in” crowd. But this Living Room isn’t for every lounge potato. It is, however, a model-decorated living room, in which beautiful people laze about, sipping only the finest champagne and waxing philosophical on the ways of the fabulous world.

The Living Room has finally regained its old famed glory (from 10 years ago). The new owner is quickly transforming this aging South Beach clubbing staple into the new fun alternative in dance clubs.

Don’t waste your time in notoriously long lines of other clubs where you loose your patience and money before finally getting in and then realize you made a big mistake. At least here, they don’t make you wait and at they don’t charge for admission (unless it’s Tiesto night).

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Welcome To Miami… Bitch (3/23/2010) @ The Living Room
The Living Room South Beach, Miami