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The Mansion Presented by Grey Goose Washington DC

From the last brick laid in the summer of 1904, the LAiglon Mansion has lived several lives each writing its own chapter in Washington, DC history. The mansion, no less beautiful than the day of its completion, has lived a life most would envy. To allege that this building has lived lives seems a stretch until you take a close listen to the echoes lurking in the corners of the dark wooden hallways. From its creation by the designer of the White House to being the former residence of Frank T. Sanner, to hosting an outrageous party thrown by pop artist Andy Warhol, the LAiglon Mansion has permanently solidified itself in the history books. You can still hear the footsteps of Edie Sedgwick and Baby Jane Holzer’s shrieks & laughter down the creaky wooden steps off of the main room, with floor-to-ceiling windows, stained glass, chandeliers, and exquisite detailing, into the library (if you have the key to get in.)

We have a deep love and appreciation of film, fashion, art and music. Although all of our friends do not share our same passions, we prefer to party with those that do. There are those that call these passions pretentious, but we prefer to call these necessities life. Art is how we chronicle life, love, hate, pain and pleasure.

From now on, this is where you party really party. Sorry, no cameras allowed. This is the ultimate VIP only party in DC and will be the talk of the city for years to come! VIPs will dance and mingle withs sexy singles and party all night!

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