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The Moose Vancouver


There’s not too much history behind the now famous little spot on Nelson St. known as The Loose Moose. A simple idea that was finally born in the month of December/01, is now in full swing. From opening day to the present the Loose Moose has always and will always be full of fun and entertainment… not to mention great food, and of course good drinks!

The Moose brings to Vancouver something not a lot of bars can… the feeling your amongst friends and family all the time. It’s friendly atmosphere and the sense that your in ‘a home away from home’, bring people back time and time again. And with enough food and drink to keep the party goers happy, there’s nothing about the place that will disappoint.

In it’s short and exciting history, The Moose has played host to a number of world renown guests. From players of our very own Canucks – Markus Naslund and Harold Druken, the 2002 Stanley Cup Champions – Detroit Red Wing players Dominek Hasek and Brandon Shanahan, Los Angeles Kings players, NHL Execs, to musicians Nickleback, Motorhead, Swollen Members and The Tea Party, the list of big names that appear here just keeps growing… and we know they’ll be back next time they’re in town.

Whether food or drink is on your mind, head on down to The Loose Moose and become a part of history.

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