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The Motel

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The Motel Welcome to The Motel, Vancouver's newest nightclub. The Motel combines engaging hospitality with a creative space which is sophisticated yet playful with many different elements and feel throughout the entire room creating an adventure to be had by all guests. With its vibrant decor & retro feels from Old Las Vegas Casino's, Vintage Strip Joints, Motels in the middle of nowhere, 60's Diners & Old Hollywood theatres there is definitely something for everyone. The first floor is resplendent in an array of texture and pattern including custom wallpapers & fun seating areas. The Motel showcases an over the top red velvet feature bar with an old style hollywood design along with a rustic hardwood dance floor, beat pounding sound system and intelligent & retro lighting creating the perfect atmosphere that will no doubt arouse an emotive reaction. Let yourself loose.. party, socialize, relax, unwind while listening to good music in a great atmosphere. The Motel is a place where you can be yourself and let your creative side play. Enjoy your stay... 1312 S.W Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC V6P 5Z6 www.themotel.ca For any inquires contact info@themotel.ca
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