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The Mule Night Club Kelowna

If you’re looking for Penticon’s most popular nightlife spot, look no further than The Mule Nightclub. Club owners Lorne Leier and Bill Proznick have plenty of experience in  creating one of a kind nightlife experiences and they’ve brought their expertise to this venue, making it one place you definitely need to check out.

The club is fully equipped with the best equipment on the market, including the smartMac overhead lighting system. The 150 W system operates in complete silence, and its fan-less cooling system makes it the best choice for club owners who are looking for reliability that is still environmentally friendly. With multiple effects and colors to choose from, its a customizable experience that is perfect for any venue.

Lighting equipment at the club includes the following:

8 x Martin smartMAC
1 x Martin Atomic 3000
1 x Martin LightJockey
1 x Martin Opto Splitter

The Mule Nightclub’s lighting upgrade gave it an inviting glow that has everyone who visits impressed. With an easy-to-use touch screen operating system, it’s easier than ever before to adjust the lighting in the club to match the mood, no matter how it may shift throughout the evening.

The layout of the nightclub was carefully planned, allowing ample room for dancing, enough space at the bars so that customers do not have to wait long for drinks, and all the amenities one could expect at a world class venue.

So, make sure you check out The Mule next time you’re looking for an awesome night out in Kelowna. Whether meeting a friend for a few drinks, or looking for love on the dance floor, you’re sure to find everything you need at the city’s hottest club.