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The Music Room Halifax


Halifax’s newest cultural resource, The Music Room offers one of the finest acoustic spaces in Canada. The Music Room accommodates an audience of about 110, houses Scotia Festival of Music’s new 9’ New York-built, Steinway grand piano (Model D), and boasts a state-of-the-art recording studio and (coming soon) Internet web casting abilities.

The Music Room is “the first dedicated, first-class acoustic music space to be built in Halifax, a chamber music hall designed in everyhting but size to compare with the best music halls in the world.” Stephen Pederson, The Sunday Herald.

“For The Music Room…I went back to the days when you would have heard a piano in a salon. Today’s audiences don’t get that experience. If they are used to a piano in a large hall where the sound loses some of its edge, in this space they will be right up there, as though on stage. They will almost hear the hammers hitting the strings.” Kathryn Savage, Sate of the Art Acoustik.

“It’s like you’re inside a violin.” Niall Savage, Niall Savage Architecture