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The Octagon Toronto

THE OCTAGON RESTAURANT One of the first restaurants in the sixties to mark the corners of Yonge and Elgin inThomhill was called the Copper Kettle. This unique building was octagonal in shape. In 1974, the present owners not only changed its name to The Octagon, but also introduced fine dining there. Originally the seating capacity at the Octagon was 57 but by 1975 capacity had increased to 150. On December 28, 1992, fire destroyed the original building. Twenty-two months later, the “new” Octagon opened its doors.

The Octagon restaurant excites the senses both visually and gastronomically. Diners are surrounded by a fascinating rich decor of world-class art and antiques. The walls throughout are covered in a rich wood paneling, reflecting the Victorian style, and consisting of walnut, mahogany and European olive.

The exquisite cuisine specializes in steak and seafood. To enhance any fine meal, the diner may select from many fine vintages, from a well-stocked wine cellar. The Octagon takes great pleasure in serving the discriminating diner and takes pride in the fact that many families are included in its clientele.

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