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The Ossington Toronto

Located at 61 Ossington Avenue, THE OSSINGTON is a well-established destination on what is now Toronto’s world famous Ossington Avenue. Inspired by the adventurous travels of the legendary Lord Ossington, THE OSSINGTON is a timeless place where anything can happen.

The spacious candle-lit front room features a much-loved bar salvaged from a turn of the century Buffalo hotel. The front room at THE OSSINGTON is the popular neighbourhood “local” in the heart of a vibrant cultural community. Arrive early to enjoy a pint of local beer, a glass of wine or single malt scotch and sample our menu of simple delicious meals. Later in the night, an eclectic assortment of local and visiting DJs, musicians and performers are here to entertain the front room crowds. Check our listings for nightly events.

The back room at THE OSSINGTON has evolved from its former incarnation as an ironworks shipping room into the place for spectacular performances and events. The Shipping Room hosts everything, including monthly comedy nights, storytelling nights (such as Toronto’s inaugural Moth-Ups), live theatre and performance art, film screenings, live telecasts (election nights, TV premieres, World Cup soccer, moon landings), live musical performances, puppet shows, drawing parties, poetry readings, book launches, art auctions, magic shows, rumba parties and your next show. Check out our events for nightly listings… and contact us with your next big idea.

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