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The Park New York

Housed in a former taxi garage, The Park New York is a visually stunning, big city oasis, boasting modern American fare and the most unique dining rooms Manhattan has to offer.

The Park is comprised of five separate areas: The Main Room, The Atrium, The Garden, The Red Room, and The Penthouse, each with their own unique design. The Penthouse is a huge, 1000-seat restaurant/bar housed in the garage, where guests can marvel at the exposed brick wall and a timber roof interior decorated with Mexican tiles. The Garden, a 3,000 square foot outdoor dining area is another popular room. When you visit The Park, no matter where you sit, you’ll be treated to an ambiance that is a mix somewhere between hip hunting lodge sheik, and an ultra-modern restaurant you’d find only in the heart of Manhattan.

Sit in one of the spacious banquet tables or sleek, Italian-style booths and sample some of the best food in the city, a mix of Mediterranean and Pan Pacific cuisine with everything from lobster to roast suckling pig on the menu. If you want to wet your whistle, the bar has a wide variety of craft beer and high-end cocktails available

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