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The Pearl Room Chicago

The Pearl Room

The Pearl Room would like to thank everyone that supported our venue over the last 6 years. We had a great time producing some of the best concerts in Chicagoland and giving you all the best possible concert experience we could. We made a lot of good friends over the years and we will miss each and every one of you. Thank you to all the great bands that played our stage and gave us the opportunity to work with you, we had a blast and will surely miss your company AND music. Thank you to all the agents and managers that believed in us and helped make The Pearl Room a reality as a Southside venue, your trust and commitment will never be forgotten.

Thank you to all our music sponsors and to all those that helped spread the word of our venue. Special thanks to Scott Davidson at Rebel Radio, Rodney and the CMF, Jessi Virtusio at the SouthTownStar, our friend FREAK and WRXQ, John Vernon and Tammy at the IE. Thanx to Dan Locke, Gene Ambo, Stephen Jensen and Michelle Overson for all the awesome photos you took over the years, you guys are great. Thanks to Chris Payne, Brandon Kane and everyone at Q101, many thanks to all of you for the events we’ve done. Thanks to Amie and Mike at Ticketmaster and for all the last minute rush jobs we threw at you, it was much appreciated. Thanx to Tim with Pitch Black and all The Girls of Metal for spreading the word and supporting the venue. Thanks to Chris , Rob and John from CRJ Productions and all they did with Powerfest over the years, it wont stop here.

A huge thanx to all our staff including Tony, Art and the entire Gerard Audio crew for making the Pearl Room the best sounding venue anywhere. period. Thank you Joe for lighting the stage and wearing 27 other hats to make this place run, there arent enough thank yous… Our stage crew, Mike, Adam and Scott for getting us praises by each and every band that ever came to our venue and for having the best crew anywhere in the states and beyond, a BIG thank you for all your work. And to our entire staff of bartenders, servers, barbacks, security and managers for making every show happen, we are much appreciative to all and we will miss you. So as we turn the lights off one last time, we have one last thank you to each and every one of you. Continue to support LIVE music wherever you are and all those that make it happen, for music is the life blood that unites people across boundaries like no other. Dont let that light ever go out, thank you all.




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