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The Penthouse Club – DENVER Denver

The Mile High City now has something else to brag about in addition to world-class skiing, great sports teams and beautiful scenery the regions only Penthouse Club.

With an elaborate bra unveiling attended by the citys elite, Denvers Penthouse Club opened its doors on January 20, 2004 and has been wowing crowds ever since. Just minutes from downtown Denver, the two-story club touts over 10,000 square feet of pure, scintillating fun and serves as a major entertainment destination for out-of-state visitors.

Guests to the club are greeted by a covered cobblestone drive that highlights the regal twin-door entrance. A stunning hostess immediately sets the tone with her friendly smile and striking personality. Once inside the immediate reaction is amazement. The club is a mlange of sights and sounds that excite all the senses, communicating upscale sexiness with a unique edge. This truly is where as the moniker goes the magazine comes to life. The club is enormous in size yet warm and surprisingly intimate. The side walls change colors almost at will, the front and rear bars feature their premium wares in illuminated displays, large-screen plasma televisions adorn the sight lines, and even the marbled bar-tops feature an imbedded ice strip guaranteed to keep your favorite premium beverage properly chilled.

Three massive stages serve as the centerpiece for the main room, each one cut perfectly round with built-in light shows. In addition, the room features one of the tallest spinning dance poles in America, towering over two stories above the crowd. A series of private suites make up an entire wall where one can enjoy the company of a beautiful dream girl along with a selection from the clubs surprisingly ample wine and champagne list.

A series of steps (known to the locals as the stairway to heaven) lead to the clubs nude room where guests can enjoy the ultimate private dance.

The VIP room is located aptly in the clubs penthouse and shatters all stereotypes. Richly appointed in dark woods, it features stuffed wild game, a fireplace, separate sound system, custom designed rock wall fountain, and private restrooms. There is even a sound-proof office to allow guests to catch up on business calls, receive and send a FAX or hook up their laptop. Members can enjoy a private dance in their very own nude room. The entire VIP room is enclosed in glass, allowing guests to oversee the entire expanse of the club and all its energy below. The room is serviced by an expertly trained staff that is highly knowledgeable in wine, champagne, cognac and cigars.

The sound and light system throughout the club is truly state-of-the-art exciting yet not intrusive, sensual but not glaring.

At the Penthouse Club there really is something beyond the sizzle. But for all the Denver Penthouse Clubs amenities and awesome design, what truly sets it apart is the amazing quality of women that entertain there, 100 Dream Girls, each a proverbial ten on any gentlemens list.

Here you have it all statuesque blondes, heart-throbbing brunettes, stunning red-heads and everything in-between. These women redefine the essence of adult entertainment; they are not only beautiful and amazingly sexy, but are intelligent and charming as well. Their mission is to provide a level of entertainment that is truly unforgettable. Based on the large crowds and sea of happy faces, its obvious they are doing their jobs very well indeed.

The upscale atmosphere in the club translates to a feeling of non-stop fun. Regular shows include desert extravaganzas, dazzling performances and erotic competitions. Its open seven days until 2:00AM.

Denvers Penthouse Club — a must-see on your travel itinerary to the Mile High City where you will experience sexiness with a seductive edge. Where the Magazine truly comes to life.

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