The Piazza at Schmidts

One of the greatest joys of taking someone to the Piazza for the first time is watching their face light up as they walk in to our 30,000 square foot, hand-paved Italian-style courtyard; your eyes scanning their expression as they look up at the sky reflecting off our glass and concrete 7-story luxury apartment and retail buildings, their angular facades gracefully cutting an edge into the clouds and meeting with the egg-shaped Rialto building, the contrarian prow of the Piazza ship.

From 2nd Street the Piazza shields its beauty from passersby, secret to all those who dont dare to venture into uncharted territory. But once you do, it keeps youcommanding in its presence. The Piazza is at once unique to the American landscape as it is atavistically intriguing, and it will exceed your every event fantasy.

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